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    Software changes to systems


      I would like to know how to monitor our users systems to know when software is added or removed. A report that shows differences found would be awesome as well as an email alerts for systems we are watching closely.



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          zman Master

          So this depends on a lot of things, how many systems, what you deem to be software (are patches software, anything in add and remove programs, etc..) LANDesk can monitor inventory changes Configure | Inventory History | Use Application Suites. However, depending on how many systems you have and the amount of software they install, this could be a very daunting task. Also, I don't believe there is a report for inventory changes so you will most likely be hacking sql to get the data.


          Another option might be IRecall

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            Why would I want to buy another application that LANDesk should do already? This just boggles my mind....LDMS tracks/monitors software and hardware but it cannot tell me when something has been changed on a system? How can they say they have inventory management?


            Thank you for the suggestion and please pardon my frustration.

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              This is a great work around! Thanks so much for sharing! I still want something from inside of the application that doesn't have to be manipulated or require additional functions outside of LD.

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                zman Master

                My first paragraph does show you how to track Inventory Changes over time with the current product. You can use the help/manual to get more information on  Configure | Inventory History. IRecall does much more than just track changes and was merely a suggestion.  My questions as to how many nodes etc... were asked because there are manual work around as indicated on DP, but I was trying to see how much automation was required to make this a workable, maintainable solution overtime.

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                  I need to monitor about 2000 desktops. To monitor changes in add/remove programs would be a great start but I am afraid I will need to get much more granular than that. Worse case would be all files on about 1300 of those systems....trying to meet compliance requirements on systems that are no longer in compliance

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                    zman Master

                    One you will be happy that I've requested a very similar function in the new version of SLM, but that won't help you now.  So on my test machine I have a little over 3,200 exes, that is a lot to track on a couple thousand machines. I would suggest concentrating on the specific critical software that needs to be tracked,and set that up in SLM.  You could then track what machines either have or have not the critical software via queries (in or out of compliance). We used to do something similar to this and break it down via Business Unit.  Another possibility would be to create a custom vulnerability to look for each exe you want to track. One vuln for all your exes. The computer would be vulnerable if the any of the exes were not present.   Just some thoughts.

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                      unreasonable requirements call for unreasonable solutions. Buy application virtualization to repackage the freaky legacy apps, then lock the systems down and rely on HIPS to alert on the remaining anomalies.

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                        zman Master

                        unreasonable requirements = another day at work. That is one reason I ask about requirements so much since I live this kind of [email protected] every day. In management's eyes this is not an unreasonable requirement, remember they wear some very strange glasses.  I had a similar request for a report of every single executable for well over 10,000 systems (not distinct mind you every one per machine).  Imagine the size of that sucker. I kept asking how are you going to use that much data, it is going to be worthless.

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                          If I could use HIPS this wouldn't be an issue... about 850 of these PC's are still 95/98 and of course HIPS won't run on that plateform. So to compensate we thought that if any file changes occur  and we were alerted this may be an alternative. Plus the sales guy told us we could do that

                          The machines should be replaced by this time next year but I need to mitigate the risk for what we have.

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                            okay, these days there's exactly one way to handle Win9x machines -- Deep Freeze them


                            I've seen plenty of organizations save a bit of cash and get the same effect by using OSD to reimage the little buggers every night... arguably that's even better because of the extra hard drive wear and tear pushing them that much closer towards their well-deserved retirement...