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    Newbie - Adding small site

    maincomp Apprentice
      We have our sites set up and divided by subnet.  I'm afraid we're still pretty ignorant on setting this up and need to add about 6 machines specifically by hostname, not IP address.  We can't seem to find the spot to do that.  Could someone a little more proficient point me in the right direction?
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          Scott1 Apprentice
          I think this can be done by going to the site properties, site definition, new, NETBIOS_NAME or IP_NAME and entering in the workstation.
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            maincomp Apprentice
            Yes, we've found that option, but it asks for a range of IP still
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              Scott1 Apprentice
              Ok, I think I know what you mean.  It will say to enter the address range with a to and from field but all you have to do is just enter in the name of the workstation in both fields.  Does that help?
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                Ryan.Gray Apprentice
                From what I understand you want to use IP_NAME
                it asks for a range and its text
                so example
                if your workstations names are locationCode-number (example: oma-10)
                you could use
                from: oma-1
                to: oma-6

                now if you normally use subnets make sure the subnet these computers are on don't match another site or you'll have problems.
                if so you will want to add exlusions on the site the ip's match excluding the IP_Name of those systems.

                If you want to be 100% sure for the site defition add a IP_name entry for each workstation.

                I do something very similar in our structure.  I have my main headquarters fed by our production server.  I also setup a development server so that anyone wanting to play with Netinstall could do so and not have permissions over the main site to accidently release something to the general public.  I set this up by adding a reg key value to look for and used that to define the site.  Support can help you with this or i'd be happy to email it or post it as a document for others to see.

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                  Support_1 Specialist
                  If you are going to add the worksation name individually make sure you use the same address type. Either IP_NAME for all or NETBIOE_NAME for all, do not mix them as that will not work.