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    Question about the SP2 announcement

    jonwoloshyn Apprentice
      I noticed the following on the main site (North America) under your news section

      NetInstall 5.7 Service Pack 2

      This service pack provides several UI tweaks and product enhancements, makes changes to the shared infrastructure to align with the upcoming Feature Pack Smart Client and addresses minor issues discovered in NetInstall 5.7 SP1. SP2 is required for the installation or upgrade to NetReflect 1.5.

      This begs the questions - What is the Feature Pack Smart Client? When is it likely to be available? And last, but not least, will it be a free add-on like the Patch module?

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          Support_1 Specialist

          The Smart Client Feature Pack will provide client server bandwidth throttling, project caching and project staging. It's an all around improvement to the communication between clients and their server.

          This Feature Pack will be entering beta next month and an expected release in the 3rd quarter.

          It follows the Feature Pack concept that started with 5.7 and will be free to all customers with Support & Maintenance contract.