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    NI00117:Smart Client Configuration

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      INFO: Deploying Smart Client

      Document ID: NI00117

      Products: NetInstall 5.7 Service Pack 2

      Last Revised: 04/18/2005

      Feature Pack Smart Client for NetInstall 5.7 w/SP2 is a mandatory AddOn that must be configured correctly before activation in the NetInstall Manager.

      Feature Pack Smart Client must be completely configured in the Manager before the settings ‘Staging Settings -> Activate Smart Client = Yes’ has been set. The reason for this is that once activated the Smart Client will write the NCP settings into the registry of each local machine. These registry values are not updated even if a change to the NCP is made after Smart Client activation. Thus the Smart Client will continue to use the initial configuration that was made in the Manager.

      If Smart Client has already been activated and deployed to the clients and a change in configuration need to be done you can take the following actions:
        [*]Change Smart Client configuration in the manager
        [*]Create an autoinstall NetInstall project to delete the registry key HKLM\Software\NetSupport\NetInstall\SmartClient
      The next time an installer runs (AutoInstaller, Interactive Installer, Service Installer) the SmartClient key will be recreated and all new settings from the NCP will be written to the local registry.

      NOTE: Be aware that once Smart Client has been activated in the Manager and clients have recognized this they will always use Smart Client. This is true even if the Manager setting ‘Staging Settings -> Activate Smart Client’ is changed to ‘No’.

      If Smart Client must be deactivated this can only be done by changing the registry value HKLM\Software\NetSupport\NetInstall\SmartClient, Reg_SZ=Active to ‘0’. This can be done with a NetInstall project.