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    Problem installing latest Intel SATA drive in the PXE image


      Hi all,


      We've just started receiving a new desktop model from Lenovo which is the M58p (7483-APM). This particular model uses the latest Intel SATA driver which is the ICH10DO which of course is embedded in the "iastor.sys" file as usual. However if we add this driver to the PXE image it doesn't seem to work and it won't see the drive.


      I know that other comments have been to simply;


      - boot into BIOS

      -  change the SATA drive back to compatibility mode

      -  save and reboot

      -  boot to PXE and deploy or capture the image


      Although that does work I was more curious whether anyone had successfully put the new drivers in the PXE image or how one can 'petition' LANDesk to add the latest drivers in an update. We expect more units to arrive using these newer drivers and it would be nice to know how we can fix it.