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    NI00119:8.3 Name Support on Windows Server 2003

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      HOWTO: 8.3 Name Support on Windows Server 2003

      Document ID:NI0019

      Products: All NetInstall products running on W2K3 Servers

      Last Revised: 03/31/2005

      Netinstall projects report errors if NTFS 8.3 Name Creation is disabled with 16-bit applications. By default W2K3 Server has disabled NTFS 8.3 name creation.

      If the following value is set to 1 then short file names are not created:


      If the value is missing, or set to 0, then short file names are created:


      Here is a link to Microsoft’s web site explaining the problem.

      A reboot is required for the change to fully take effect. The change has no effect on existing files and directories (it only affects new writes).  Making a change to this value does not change the file, but it does change the way NTFS displays and manages the file.