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    Virtual PC on Mac G5

    keskasay Rookie
      Netinstall hangs while trying to install local client in Virtual PC with message it cannot find "c:\program files
      etinst". When I create this folder and reboot VPC Netinstall installs NiCfglc1.ncp in the folder but does not continue the install. On reboot of VPC Netinstall installer hangs.
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          Ryan.Gray Apprentice
          What OS are you running inside the virutal PC?
          Have you checked out the install logs to see what its really upset about?
          Is the account that the netinstall use have administrative rights on this virtual PC?
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            keskasay Rookie
            Thanks for your quick reply.
            Mac OS 10.3.9
            The client was administrator only in VPC not on the domain. Once this was changed Netinstall filled up c:\program files\NetInst but did not completely install; The NI32_1.log showed that Netinstall, trying to get location information searched all our sites and finally stalled at one of our EU locations.
            This morning another tech mentioned that a computer with two NICS (but was not using VPC) had a problem with Netinstall installing the client. I will remove the Private NIC and reboot with the Public NIC only.
            Does Netinstall determine location by NIC IP address?
            How does Netinstall use the DNS information?
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              Ryan.Gray Apprentice
              The install does a runas as bascially and uses the netinstall service account.
              That account will also need Admin rights.  I am thinking thats your biggest challenge atm.  The logged in user shouldn't need admin rights to get the client to install.

              Sites are determined by configuration by the NI Admin.

              You can use a variety of methods.  A popular one is by IP matching.
              Subnet 1 = site 1
              Tho generally peoples have a offline or catch all site to grab any misfits that don't match depending on your security desires etc.
              As an example, if you didn't match any IPs in my configuration I wouldn't let you connect to a site and dropped you offline cause I was fearful of say someone putting NI on a server that it shouldnt' be on.

              I know its vague but I hope this helps.
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                keskasay Rookie
                Prior to adding the client as admin on our Domain I could access our network. When I made the client an admin in the Domain that is when Netinstall started adding files to the NetInst folder.

                Where would I apply any of the information you stated in the reply?
                I am not able to control any of the Netinstall config files.

                Do you have any knowledge of Netinstall interacting with two NICs?