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    Landesk Helpdesk (V7.0) Integration


      There has been some discussion about what should/shouldnt be contained within the CMDB.  My colleagues think that the CMDB should hold all infromation about a PC i.e  down to the detail of each application layered onto it.  Does anyone else do this ?  Does it make sense ? is there a better way of capturing the information ?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          CMDBs have lots of misconceptions and this is a big one.  No database is truly capable of holding every possible component of data.  Federated CMDBs are probably more realistic (multiple repositories linked).


          You should not be attempting to get every piece of inventory data into the CMDB, more you should be attempting to bring in what is essential.  Software for example is difficult.  What is software? A file or an application? The asset/license is the important part, it's presence on a system a related statistic.  Presence of sopftware on a device does not constitute that being an asset to the company, only the license itself is that.  Also the presence of the software may be an important component of a service with related contracts or impacts through loss of service.  Complex subject.


          Simplest answer without really being an answer is - what do you want the CMDB for?  Do you want true configuration management and therefore can you afford the manpower and impact on process this will cause, or do you really want specific benefits of a CMDB?  If certain benefits, then identify them and work out how to get them in.


          I've seen a lot of people that say they want a CMDB just because ITIL 'says' it is essential.  In reality, what they want is some better Asset Management (not Inventory Scanning) and that is a long way from a CMDB.  Incident, Problem, and Change are easier and do not completely rely on a CMDB; they work well with a solid Asset Repository and good associated processes.  If someone is advising you to go CMDB, get them to show you some truly successful projects, you will probably find they don't have many/any to show you.


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            aparker Employee

            Hi Fiona,


            I just wanted to backup exactly what Mark has said. The biggest trap people fall into is looking at the requirements for the CMDB in isolation and not having considered what business/operational needs it must support. ITIL talk about the need for a CMDB, but please remember that ITIL is a framework that you use to deliver best practice to your business, it's not a set of hard rules that must be obeyed.


            My experience of discussing this area with customers in workshops is that they start by wanting the world, but when you drill into the real need and also, and equally importantly, the admin overhead of maintaining that world view, they realise that they can scale down the complexity and data required.


            My final thought is about the quality of the data that is brought into the CMDB. There is a tendancy to believe that data being aquired from an external system is inherently good. it would be fair to say that in most cases that's not the reality and work needs to be done at review those systems and their data. There is no point in starting a system where you know that the data that is being imported is wrong. You're only putting off something that as time passes will become more and more messy to put right.



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              Thanks for the replies and they backed up my thinking completely ...i just need to convince the others now !!