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    Using Parameters in Custom Script


      Hi All,

      I used to running a script to collect log file from Client machine. The log file name generated from application by current date format.

      Do we could use a current date parameter in Custom Script to collect the log file?





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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          If by custom script you mean LANDesk's scripts then it doesn't support parameters like that; however, you could execute something like cmd /c followed by dos batch commands as long as you don't try to use user variables.


          Alternatively, take a look at the dos and vbscripting support and write your routines in those so that you have full access to their capabilities in this area.


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            Thanks for your help.

            I have searching a batch script to manage date format of log file name which always change. So I'm using date variable from batch file (taken from a dos forum), and then create another batch file to grab created log file name. After that renaming the file to a fixed date format (using variable created on first script.

            I will posted the script original source after finding my documents.