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    HP DC5800 will load SATA driver


      I am trying to capture an image from a HP DC 5800 but am unable to load the SATA drivers, or switch the device into IDE mode in the BIOS.  When I run diskpart I perform List Disk and the drive shows as available.


      I have injected the SATA drivers for the Intel Matrix Driver into the .img file and redeployed the PXE rep.  No joy.  Am at a loss as to where to find the correct drivers.

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          Can you clarify where things go wrong?


          If I understand correctly what you are saying, you load WinPE, you run a diskpart "list disk" and the hard drive is there. If so, WinPE is seeing the drive and you don't have a SATA driver problem...


          Or are you saying that you can see the drive only in IDE mode?


          Or are you having problems later on, restoring the image?


          Let us now and I'm sure somebody will be able to help...