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    I do not want automatic software installation...




      Almost all our software packages are configured to be delivered through policy (no push)... But it seems that at least once a day the client contacts the landesk server and runs the installation of those packages. We do not want that: the user should be able to manually define when it is the best time to install his applications. Where do you think should we change the configuration for the installation not to start automatically ?




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          Don't make your policies required.  Make them optional.  Then your people can install them when they wish.  Required policies will always run when the client checks in with the core server.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Alternatively make them "Recommended".


            The only difference between "Recommended" and "Optional" is that Recommended comes with the check-box pre-tagged, while "Optional" has the check-box empty. Either should sort out your problem for you.


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              We have started with Landesk 8.7 in 2007 and I do not remember that we had problems with the distribution through policy for at least 18 months. Let me first perhaps explain how we install the whole thing.


              Our computers are installed through PXE, selecting an image through the Windows PE menu. When the OS is installed, the client is silently installed and just after, we force the client to request the server for software. That means that after that operation, the user is able to work with his computer. Almost all our applications are linked to a policy delivered distribution rule.


              When we want a user to update the software, we send him a mail, explaining him how to manually start the policy-delivered link in the landesk-management program group. I don't think that these installations did ever start automatically during the 18 first months of use.


              We have recently changed the landesk client installation (other installation options to allow remote control over landesk gateway) and I think this can be the beginning of these automatic installations. That's why I ask if there is an option on the landesk client that forces the client to connect to the server every day for new applications...


              I'm sorry I'm doing 3 things at the same time so I'm not sure that I have correctly explained the situation...




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                Does not matter if you use 8.7 or 8.8.  If you have a required policy it is going to run on the system when it checks in with the core server.  Required policies in 8.8 do not show up in the portal.  They just run when localscheduler kicks off.  It will also run if the end user launches the portal.  The end user is unaware of a required policy running in 8.8.

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  The problem is that you have changed your agent behaviour at some point but are still trying to use the old model you had before.


                  Normally agents are configured to check for policies at certain events such as ip change, log in, and scheduled intervals.  In this model you would use optional or recommended to allow a user to choose when to install and required for something to install automatically.  It sounds like whoever set this up for you originally did something a little non-standard and had no regular check-in.  Because of this, your required policies behaved the same as recommended policies (almost).


                  Your new configuration must be set to check in and therefore you have a choice - either change the way you work to follow the usual 'recommended' mechanism of user choice, or modify the agent so no automatic check in is present.  I would recommend you change the way you work as it will bring you in line with the way the product was designed.  However, if you do want to change the agent behaviour, look in the area shown in the screenshot


                  Agent Config.jpg



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                    I'm almost sure that you've shown me the right way... I've already seen those options and tried a bit with them but I did not see that the policy was also enabled at log on (I have another window, probably 8.7 version, with separate window for logon options). Now everything is disabled and I gonna try again.


                    We will reconsider the way we distribute our sofware in a few months when we gonna install a new landesk management server with the newest version, but 'til then, we would still like to use this option: our users are not confortable with automatic installations by now.


                    Thanks a lot