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    trouble capturing/deploying image.


      I'm able to capture/deploy an image through command line but when I use the gui to generate a script to capture it seems to process the script successfully but it only ends up rebooting the computer.  If I try to deploy an image it will execute the deploy script and actually seem like it's imaging the drive but it won't and subsequently the script fails to execute the rest of the commands because it can't find the imaged partition.


      This only happens with one set of computers/models.  I'm not sure if this matters but, the drive is on a secondary channel and is reported as disk 4.  There are no other hard drives only an optical.

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          If you are using imagew2 you can edit the script to capture disk4 instead of 0.  Go into the advanced edit properties of the script to modify.

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            Resolved my own issue...I had to edit assvol and wipedisk and redirect the script to the new files to accurately reflect the physical disk location.  By default it seems to assume disk 0 but this computer has the primary drive as disk 4.  I'm not sure if it's possible to create a logic to automatically select the first disk without having to edit assvol/wipedisk and creating custom scripts but it would be easier.