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    Driver Setup


      I've been researching Provisioning and am in the beginning stages of designing in for my company. I understand that the driver folder structure should be based off desktop/laptop and model. However, is it good practice to just include the whole .cab file for a particular model on your file share or should you create sub-folders for each different driver per model?

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          bhadzik Apprentice

          Create a subfolder for each driver:






          Otherwise when you needed to upgrade the driver, you wouldn't know which files to replace. Also, you could run into duplicate file names. Just keep them generically named.

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            Not only would you want to create the driver share as mentioned in the post above, but you would do yourself a favor to try and minimize the drivers that copy over the network by deleting unneeded components.  For example, if you are installing a video driver for an English OS, you probably won't need the 20 other language folders that have the language specific .dll's, cpls, etc.


            The next question to fathom is whether you want to duplicate drivers that are common across multiple models (such as your NIC and video drivers), or have a 'shared' driver directory for the common ones