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    Weird LANDesk port.


      Has anyone ever heard of LANDesk using port 1833 to communicate with a node???

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          zman Master

          Hmm not listed as a LANDesk port and most sites have it listed as udpradio 1833/tcp    udpradio. What make you think it is LANDesk?

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            We are having an issue with bandwidth and our network guys are tracing this back to that port on our LANDesk server. We just pushed the advanced agent to this machine which is on a 128k line

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              Jason SupportEmployee

              Interesting as Zman stated most sites including IANA have that listed as udpradio 1833/tcp


              This might help you identify what is using that port on your core.


              On your core server:

              Run a "netstat -ano"  Find the address with :1833 in the list the -o will give you the PID. Then in windows task manager on the core look to see what that PID matches up to.



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                zman Master



                It may be the Advanced Agent choking the line, but not sure why it would be using that port. I've never used Wireshark to look at a A trace. It is not listed as a LANDesk port. Just saw Jason's post so I have a lot less to type .  Glad to see you guys on the Eastern Shore are finally up and running.

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                  Thanks Zman!

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                    Thanks Jason

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                      There is not necessarily anything weird about this port. It's all a question of who's calling who. If you've seen inbound connections on port 1833 on your core server, then yes, that would require an explanation. But if it was the source port of an outbound connection (from core to client), then nothing weird is going on. A TCP connection always involves 2 ports, of which one is typically a well-known port and the other one is dynamic. The well-known port is the one you expect to find documented in the LDMS manual. Haven't your network guys simply given you the wrong port (i.e. the dynamic one instead of the well-known one)? It is certainly in right range (1024-5000) to be a dynamic port.

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                        zman Master

                        I still think it is this guy ...