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    how to fully provision vista with driver injection etc


      Hello all,


      Current setup

      We are currently only deploying windows xp as a sysprepped image deploy through an OSD script. It injects drivers based on the machine id. So we have a global drivers folder from which the corresponding drivers are copied like .\drivers\LatitudeD630\.... As computername one is generated based on our computername scheme or otherwise the old name is used if it was a pre-existing machine in the landesk database.


      What I'm looking for

      I'm looking into the deployment of vista using landesk provisioning in a same sort of setup but as a scripted install.

      Can anybody help me as to understand how to pull this off? Maybe also with posting example provisioning templates and/or links to resources.

      Basically I want to provision vista as a scripted install (later on also windows xp) and inject drivers ONLY NEEDED from a global drivers store on our server which contains all drivers for the various systems we prepare. Mostly Dell but also some others all with different hardware.


      What I've tried so far

      I copied a windows xp and windows vista vlk installation cd to a share on our landesk server. I've tried created a windows xp provisioning task and this runs the unattended setup using an answer file. But when the setup reboots and goes into windows the provisioning task still thinks it is handled the scripted install task. It doesn't seem to see it finished so it just hangs there. Maybe anybody knows the answer to that?


      But so I did manage to call upon the setup. Now I did the same thing and created a windows vista provisioning task and tried pointing it to the location where setup.exe resides on the share. Also to the subfolder ./sources where also the install.wim and boot.wim images are. But both times the scripted install task fails saying "call to the web service failed". So I don't understand how to call upon the setup and use the unattend.xml I created as answer file.


      I've also tried restoring the boot.wim and install.wim images with imagex to c: but those failed as well. Though I was already confinced it wouldn't be that easy

      For the rest I searched a lot of posts on the internet and here but no templates or relevant information to be found.