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    Failure at Configure Target OS


      So I'm trying to create my first Template using Provisioning. It's structure is fairly simple.


      OS Installation   

           Map Imaging Drive

           Deploy Image


      Post-OS Installation

           Inject Sysprep

           Configure Target OS


      Now everything is working fine except the point when it gets to Configure Target OS.


      I choose Insert unique ID and leave it as %ldDeviceID% because I've inserted my machine into the database manually with a Device ID and MAC.


      Do you guys have any suggestions to this?  I'm new to Provisioning so it's difficult to figure out where to begin.

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          bnelson Employee

          Right click on the machine name and look at the provisioning history. It should give you a bit more specific reason why it failed. Without errors it will be hard to troubleshoot.

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            I've attached the only error that is displayed. Doesn't seem very helpful.

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              bnelson Employee

              Never mind, I think I know what the issue is. Open your syspre file and make sure that if the Install files path is pointing to C:\sysprep\I386 that you either make that directory exist or you remove that line.

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                Are you referring to the sysprep.inf that I installed as a script or the sysprep.inf that is on the target machine?

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                  bnelson Employee

                  The one you are injecting. If you have to change it then make sure that you reimport it and make sure you update yuor template the the newly imported script.

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                    If CTOS is failing on you (which it used to do from time to time prior to SP2), it could be for a few reasons, but here's one I have seen quite a few times.


                    Configure Target OS copies some files to install provisioning during the mini setup phase of sysprep.  It writes the installation strings to the cmdlines.txt, which runs during mini setup around the time the network adapter installs.  Pre SP2, I've had issues where if the cmdlines.txt had other lines in it, the installation strings would not be appended properly.  You may want to take a look at that file (in c:\sysprep\i386\$oem$ or something of that nature).

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                      Okay, here's the update. In they sysprep.inf I removed the C:\sysprep\I386 from the installed files path. What's interesting was that it was pointing to C:\sysprep\I386. Anyhow the script is not failing at this point but I'm not sure if it's responding correctly. Note I do not see any c:\sysprep\I386 folder or c:\sysprep in the directory of the machine.


                      After the Configure Target OS ran it rebooted and took me to the windows login page. The rest of the script is suppose to reboot once more then go and install the LANDesk Agent however this didn't happen. I had to boot to the NIC again and have WinPE run. Is this normal? When I did this it did perform the reboot but in terms of installing the LANDesk Agent it has not done this. Please advise. I've attached a screenshot. I appreciate your support on this.

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                        The c:\sysprep directory is deleted during the sysprep process, so if you are looking for it after the process is complete, you won't find it.  If you are having problems where CTOS fails what I would recommend you do is to stay in Windows PE after the provisioning task fails, open another command prompt from the 'Go' menu, and see if you can navigate to the c:\sysprep\ directory from there.  If at that point you're not seeing a %systemroot%\sysprep directory, I'm a little concerned.  How exactly are you running sysprep on the machine you are capturing the image from before you capture?  Do you tell it to run mini setup?  Can you post the steps you take to prepare and capture the image, and include the sysprep.inf file?

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                          bnelson Employee

                          Now all you need to do is take out the reboot after Configure Target OS. The process will reboot the machine automatically after it configures the OS.

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                            Okay, I've removed the reboot after the Configure Target OS. What I've noticed is that when the template gets to CTOS it reboots the machine and copies many files\dlls over to windows\system32 folder. After this it performs another reboot then enters the Windows Login Page. I can now login to the machine. I have noticed in the root there is an ldprovisioning folder now. However, the LANDesk Agent doesn't install. Everything seems to just be finished. I've attached a screen snap of the Provisioning History.


                            Ultimately, what I'm wondering is what it takes to get the template to continue working at this point. Am I missing a step? Again, thank you for all the help.


                            P.s. David, thank you for the advice. I'm past this step now. The CTOS isn't failing I'm just having trouble getting it to move further in the template. See the Screen Snap.

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                              bnelson Employee

                              In your sysprep, set the auto login to 1 time. It will auto log in as admin the first time Windows starts. See if that changes anything.

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                                The machine did in fact auto login but landesk agent has not installed. It's interesting if I look at the scheduled task it has the machine in the active group and it says working. However it does nothing more. I did notice the try before the auto login there was an LDProvision log. I've attached it.

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                                  bnelson Employee

                                  Is this machine being joined to your domain during the sysprep? Have you added the computers group in AD to ....... dang it I can't remember exactly where you are supposed to add it to. Maybe somebody else could help with that.

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                                    The sysprep is very basic actually. It's not joining to the domain or anything like that. Simply just adds it into a workgroup with a generic computer name.

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