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    Scheduled Wake Up Failing


      I am on V8.8 SP2 and have setup a scheduled job to wake up all PC's in the morning. Basically the job is:


      * Created donothing.bat with a few rem statements

      * In Distribution Packages, created a new BAT profile which points to donothing.bat

      * In Deployment Methods, create a new Multicast (Cache Only) job which includes the Wake-On-LAN option

      * In Scheduled Tasks, schedule a task using the new package and method


      When the job ran half the files failed with the error:


      "No status received. The client may be off or multicast may not be installed"


      I am reasonably confident these machines were on and in standby mode. It's the 'multicast may not be installed' part that is throwing me. How do I check this or is this a red herring?