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    Policy.sync.exe crashes after adding a large number of launchpad links


      We are running LDMS 8.8 SP2 with the following patches applied: SWD-2025388.2-2 and SWD-2080688.2-2.



      We have a couple of hundred Launchpad links that we are sending down to our end users based on their active directory groups. This has worked well on all but a small subset of our PC's. This small subset has a large number of icons for there group. Most of our users get 3-7 icons, but for the people in this group they get 24+ icons.



      What we are seeing is now when they go to do a policy sync, either manually or when the schedule kicks it off, we get an error saying that Policy synchronization has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  (I added the details of this crash below)



      szAppName : policy.sync.exe     szAppVer :    
      szModName : policy.sync.exe     szModVer :     offset : 0002c4a7    





      We have tried reinstalling the agent on these PC's, deleting and recreating the Database on the pcs, Recreating and re-assigning several of their icons, but it is still crashing.


      When I go and un-associate this group from a few of the icons, everything goes back to working. When I put those few icons back, it crashes again. When I pull those few icons off and try a few completely different icons, it still crashes. The only thing that has worked is if I change the association in the task for those few icons from the LDAP query of the group to just a simple LDMS query using PC names, they work fine.




      I have been able to reproduce this several times. In fact I am to a point now that if I remove one of my icons, everything works, if I add that 1 icon back...or any other icon, it goes back to crashing.




      When looking at the policy.sync.log it seems like it checks in with the core once, doesn't find anything, checks again and then pauses waiting for a response from the core.


      I have attached my policy.sync.log file...one thing you will notice is when the sync works you will see a "[START]" and some stuff and then a "[STOP]" but when policy.sync.exe crashes you will see a "[START]" but no stop...just another [START] again when it tries to run a policy sync again.



      Does anyone have any ideas about this? I don't know if maybe it is the # of Links, or the Links are corrput, or maybe we have too many policies applied...I am pretty stuck at this point.



      I also attached the policy.invoker.log, but that doesn't really point to much.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Hmm - apologies for the delay, but I've been pointed to this by a kindly soul - we're tracking something very similar.


          I would suggest that you open a ticket with LANDesk support, and make a reference to CR # 23810, which is where we're trying to figure this one out.


          We're still investigating this one, but the following seems to hold true:

          - The problem "comes with the database" (i.e. - we should be able to duplicate the issue with your DB). If you use a new/clean DB, you should not see the problem.


          We cannot tell at this point what's "broken" to cause this.


          - The problem seems to ONLY occur if you're using AD-targeted launch pad links. If you use devices / LD-queries as targets for your launchpad tasks, this works fine. Only AD-queries / AD-targeted devices/users are affected (and required for this to come about).


          Once you've got a ticket with support, we can keep you posted as to developments / work with yout to try and root cause this rather unusual issue (it took a fair bit of time figuring out exactly what caused it so far - the more data we have to compare, the better our chances at identifying the root cause).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Hey Paul,


            Thanks for the response. We actually have a ticket in for this. In fact, we may have been the ones to first bring it to Landesk's attention. I have been working with a tech on your side and hopefully we will be able to narrow it down even more.




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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              No problem - as it happened, I've had a report like this as well (which I've duplicated) - so we're trying to figure out what's going on exactly and then ideally how to fix it - so there's at least 2 separate incidents of this that I know of so far (it was "my" contact who pointed this thread out to me).


              Now we're "just" having to figure out what it is that causes it to break in these particular cases (and why it doesn't break in many others) ... fun fun .


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead