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    Removing Links from Launchpad




      Last night i removed some policies to push a Launchpad Link from my scheduled tasks as this was due to be updated. Unfortunately now when my clients are attempting to re-inventory i am receiving the following database exceptions in the Windows Application log of the Core . These exceptions are causing the inventory server service to stop. It will restart manually but eventually stops again when the exceptions are received,I had a look at the table in the DB and it is set to 'Allow Nulls - False'.


      Event 1


      Database exception: SCA6964.SCN, LDInv.dll
      Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null.


      Delete Table:LaunchPad Column:LINKTYPE PK:EMEA Microsoft Livemeeting, Thread ID: 7796.


      Event 2


      Could not read the metaschema.  Make sure the database is a valid LANDesk 7.5 or greater version.


      Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.