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    Scripting On-Demand RC


      Hello again,

      a customer of ours would like to pass some parameters to the remote control agent used through managemnt gateway.

      basically his goal is to pass ID1 and ID2 via command line or, even better, a registry key.


      any ideas about it?





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - the only way to do it is to fiddle with command-line ... essentially, the way that ID1 / ID2 can be pre-filled is by command-line options as ISSUSER gets called.


          However, if you're doing this "on demand", then you're trying to re-start something that's already connected to the LDMG - if you see the problem.


          However the respective command-line for ISSUSER can be fiddled with, but it does involve some hacks ... what exactly is you are trying to achieve (not what are you trying to do - why are you trying to do this in this particular way? Context will help us to provide a potentially).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thanks Paul


            I'll try to explain but beware! it'll get fuzzy


            Our customer gives remote assistance to a bunch of his own customers via Remote Control through a LDMG.

            some of our customer's customers have a LDMS agent installed on their client, some have not.

            our customer's customers client have all similar names (don't ask me why).

            so the first goal of our customer is to easily and fast identify the client to be controlled.

            the only thing I can think about is using an on-demand rc agent with different IDs.

            but our customer also asks for an really-really-easy-to-use solution (from his customers point of view) - basically something that doesn't require more than a double-click from end user's side.


            Hope this can be clear enough (if it's so, it's quite a miracle)

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Seems pretty clear to me.


              The short answer is "yeah, should be doable" ... the long answer is however rather tricky depending on various "IF"-s...


              So let's assume you're managing 3 similarly-named companies.


              1 - Welsh

              2 - Walsh

              3 - Wolsh


              So one thing you can do is to have a seperate www-site for each company.



              1 - http://MyWorld/Welsh/

              2 - http://MyWorld/Walsh/

              3 - http://MyWorld/Wolsh/


              and have each of those sites a seperate LDMG client download, which you'd need to hacksaw somewhat to change it to do what you want it to (and take your user input).




              The OTHER (even more complicated) variant would be to script something up which would pull (say) devicename + username from the device, and script this as variables into batch-files for the LDMG's remote control ...


              ... so all of this is "in theory" doable, it'd just require quite a bit of work, and I'm somewhat doubting it's in the scope of support to be doing this. You may want to raise a ticket and see what documentation you can get along the way to help you out some, or even hire professional services, but I reckon it should be doable. May take quite a bit of effort though.


              Depends really on what option you want to go with.


              Hope this makes sense to you?


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead