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    Error configuration of ManagementPoint


      After the installation of the ManagementPoint all services are "incorrectly installed". If I want to install them correctly I get the following error:

      Failed to install Register base schema
      Process invoking InstallUtil.exe returned bad return code: 0xffffffff! Last Error: 0x12
      Installation aborted.

      Has anyone the same issue and may be a solution for that?


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          sbr2 Expert

          please look into the eMMC Logfile. Maybe there are more Information.

          First time i had problems with the configuration of the Logic Server i had to give the User more rights on the Server.

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            OliverBendig Apprentice
            Under certain conditions this error can occur during the inital installation. The reason can be a wrong version of the .NET Framework or a faulty configuration of the MSDTC service.

            Unfortunately, the current Beta 2 build has no update functionality yet. That means that you have to wipe the enteo Binaries from your test machine and reinstall the enteo binaries again:

            To do so please proceed as follows:

            1. delete the cmdb in the SQL database
            2. Increase report level to debug by starting the nimoni.exe
            3. delete *.ncp files from the enteo$ share
            4. restart system
            5. restart eMMC from enteo$ share

            This actions will restart the "first start configuration". If the error occurs again, then please send your logfiles from C:\program files
            ilogs to [email protected]
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              Perfect, configuring the MSDTC on the remote SQL server solves the installation problem.

              But one hint: In the log file the password for the SQL server is written down in clear text, I think this can cause a security problem!

              Thanks a lot for the quick responses.