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    SDclient.exe /msg in OS deployment job


      Experimenting a little with OS deployment, I've tried to make sdclient.exe return messages to the console during an OS deployment job.

      I've tried several ways of launching sdclient, all variants of:

      REMEXEC19=x:\ldclient\sdclient.exe /msg=<qt/>TestMessage<qt/>

      REMEXEC20=notepad     ; just to stop the script


      However, the message does not appear in my console when I push the job. Logfile reports:

      "000C29FA3214","ERR_Fail",1168,0:00:01,21.03.2009 01:00:05,21.03.2009 01:00:06,"x:\ldclient\sdclient.exe /msg=<qt/>TestMessage<qt/>"

      Pushing batch files in Software Distribution with sdclient.exe /msg works as expected.


      Anyone got this working or got any bright ideas? 



      Best regards,

      Kristian Echholt