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    ISO to Appliance


      So I'm converting from the ISO to appliance in a 8.8 SP2a shop.  I've read/watched the article on converting form the iso to appliance and the video. Pretty much everything is going as planned. I realize that I will have to run brokerconfig /r on my mobile devices to point to the new appliance, however, after watching John's video (very informative), I believe I will also have to copy down the new certs since they will have the new information for the appliance appended in the cert (I'm using a different DNS and ip for the appliance then the ISO). Is this correct?


      If so I was wondering why brokerconfig /r does not complete this task?


      An additional question on users with the Gateway and multiple cores. Our support center does not have access to the 32 bit console, and primarily use the the rollup. If you run the webconsole on the core | select Remote Control (left-hand Menu) | you get that nice little check box - Use the Management Gateway. On the rollup this does not appear - well at least on my rollup.  So it appears that the rollup does not support this feature with the Gateway, is this true?


      So I realize that you can use :


      "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ServerManager\RCViewer\isscntr.exe" -agsb://xx.xxx.xx.xx -s"CORE NAME"


      But how does the support center know what core the machine is on without pulling up the machine? I was thinking about a remote script on the devices that will show the user the core name, flip the remote control to gateway, etc... but I don't want to do this if it is not necessary. Am I missing something?????