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    ldms_core requirements


      I've been trying to get ldms_core to run.  I installed it on 3 different machines, one had the 32-bit console installed.  The app installs ok, but nothing happens when I run ldms_core.exe" /setup. I see many people have installed this, got it working and found it useful. Is there something required for it to work?  A particular version of .NET maybe?





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          no requirements... what does the event viewer say? If that doesn't give you anything, run with /debug and send me the log file.

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            Hi Jack,


            I got the following error in the event viewer....


            "MakeDir failed to make C:\PROGRA~1\LANDesk\MANAGE~1\reports\ldms_core - No such file or directory"



            I created that directory, then the setup ran.  However, when I ran a test, a whole bunch more warning appeared in the evernt viewer like...



            "Directory C:\PROGRA~1\LANDesk\MANAGE~1\xddfiles doesn't seem to exist??"


            "Directory C:\PROGRA~1\LANDesk\MANAGE~1\ldscan doesn't seem to exist?"



            It appears that it needs to be installed on the core (since it is looking for directories that only exist on the core), but the documentation indicates that it doesn't have to be...



            "Optionally, the program does not specifically need to run on the core, but if it is on the core or a remote console, it will be able to read useful information from the registry. Otherwise, all database login information and the location of the error scan directory will have to be specified via the --setup switch on the command."




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              Ah, now I understand. I should update the manual; I disabled the ability to run from off-core recently, but hadn't made up my mind about whether that was a permanent or temporary disablement. I'm leaning towards permanent though; most people run it on the core, after all.