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    External Groups (Active Directory)

    PcD Rookie

      In the help file (enteo.chm) under the topic
      Welcome > Concepts > Software Lifecycle > Installation Targets > Grouping of Users and Computers is the reference to external groups. How can I use those groups (containing users) for software distribution?

      If I make a dynamic group inside NetInstall I only have the option to create a dynamic group based on a limited number of items. None of them makes it possible to use external AD groups.
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          AchimBock Apprentice

          In v6, "External Groups" denotes groups that are not managed inside the enteo system but in an external directory. In order to use them, import those groups from e. g. Active Directory that you want to use for software distribution. Use the "Import" task in the "Manage Users/Computers" view.

          Note that you cannot manage the members of external groups (users or computers) manually. Group members will be acquired by the enteo Client automatically.


          Achim Bock
          enteo Software GmbH