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    C: drive missing when trying to image




      Have an interesting dilemma and unsure of how to fix it. Tried many different things but this problem just will not go away.


      Loads up the PXE menu, works great. Select an image whose script is slightly modified. Adding that changed script here at the bottom for review. After i select the script for Windows XP SP 3, it starts mapping the netwrok drive, removes partitions, formats the drive(this is where it is screwed up). But here is the thing. If i start the process again by deleting the network drives mapped and using startnet, it loads everything fine.


      Questionaire i have is a batch file that takes in some input and creates another batch file. That batch file gets copied once the imaging is done so i can install the applications that needs to be installed based on the questionaire.


      REMEXEC17=cmd /c diskpart /s X:\LDClient\rmvol.txt
      REMEXEC18=cmd /c drvmap.exe sarcom\ldsvc 2098B0A05DE3D95F4A70057B K: <qt/>\\server\deploy$\uiu<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513
      REMEXEC19=cmd /c drvmap.exe sarcom\ldsvc 2098B0A05DE3D95F4A70057B H: <qt/>\\server\ldmain<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513
      REMEXEC20=cmd /c diskpart /s X:\LDClient\wipeDisk0.txt
      REMEXEC21=cmd /c format /Y /FS:NTFS /Q /V:C-DRIVE c:


      REMEXEC211=cmd /c drvmap.exe SARCOM\LDSVC 2098B0A05DE3D95F4A70057B Q: <qt/>\\server\Deploy$<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513
      REMEXEC212=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\Questionaire.exe X:\LDCLIENT\questionaire.exe
      REMEXEC213=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\choice.exe X:\LDCLIENT\choice.exe
      REMEXEC214=RunBatch -1 Q:\Images\Questionaire X:\LDCLIENT\Questionaire.exe


      REMEXEC22=h:\osd\imaging\2.0\imagew.exe /r /o /d:0 /f:"K:\LD000C~1.TBI" /rb:0
      REMEXEC23=sdclient /f /o /dest="X:\LDClient\diskinfo.exe" /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/diskinfo.exe", STATUS
      REMEXEC24=sdclient /f /o /dest="X:\LDClient\assvol.txt" /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/assvol.txt", STATUS
      REMEXEC25=tokreplw X:\LDClient\assvol.txt partition=1
      REMEXEC26=diskpart /s X:\LDClient\assvol.txt
      REMEXEC27=sdclient /f /o /dest="C:\sysprep\sysprep.inf" /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/Windows%20XP%20SP3%20v2.2.inf", STATUS
      REMEXEC28=sdclient /f /o /dest="C:\ldsleep.exe" /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/ldsleep.exe", STATUS
      REMEXEC29=tokreplw C:\sysprep\sysprep.inf COMPUTERNAME=%AUTOCOMPUTERNAME%


      REMEXEC291=cmd /c md C:\Temp
      REMEXEC292=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\temp\%computername%.txt C:\temp\runonce.bat
      REMEXEC293=cmd /c del /Q Q:\Images\Questionaire\temp\%computername%.txt
      REMEXEC294=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\Modules\OpenFileSecurityFix.reg C:\temp
      REMEXEC295=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\Modules\EnableRDP.bat C:\temp
      REMEXEC296=cmd /c copy /y Q:\Images\Questionaire\Modules\HideHiddenFilesFolders.vbs C:\temp
      REMEXEC297=RunBatch -1 Q:\Images\Questionaire\Modules Q:\Images\Questionaire\Modules\UpdateDrivers.bat


      REMEXEC30=cmd /c copy /y X:\LDClient\guid.pds C:\LDISCAN.CFG ... (rest is the same)