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    Installing Citrix Management

    scubaman Rookie
      I am trying to install the Management Suite for Citrix. When I try and configure the addon I am not able to choose a context to install the Citrix addon. I am running on Windows 2003 SP2 with NetInstall 5.8 with cumilative patch 1482. I have enclosed a picture of the screen I get when I try and cjhoose a context to install the addon.
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          kpierre66 Rookie
          You must create an OU for your organization.
          Typically, you should first create your ORG object, then an Organizational Unit, then you can create a site within this OU.
          The placement of the MP is important as well.
          The first MP created should be directly off the ORG object.  Any subsequent MPs (typically those that are in other sites or offices), can exist under the sites.
          Hope this helps.