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    Packaging office xp / 2003

    jmpouliot Rookie

      i am packaging office xp sp3 and 2003 sp3, i did 3 package of each,
      one with only word, excel and powerpoint, one with only frontpage and the last one with only access.

      i would like to know how could i deploy for example my package of access xp after i deployed the package of word, excel and powerpoint because it doesn't work...
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          CalumField1 Expert

          you have not supplied enough information, so exact help is not possible.
          How have you packaged Office 2003 - you only need to make a Transform (MST) for each of the features which you are trying to install.

          If it does not work for you using transforms please post the logs or supply more information about how you are trying to package Office 2003.