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    Windows 2000 and Columns


      Not sure if this is the right place to post this (my first post).


      We are using a naming standard for our computers that uses the last 6 characters of the mac address.  Great to make sure that we don't have duplicate names in our system.  Not so great trying to figure out where a machine is who who it belongs to.


      On our Windows XP computers we just put all that good info like department, user and even drop, in the "Computer Description" field in the computer name area and then we added the "Description" field in LANDesk to our columns.  Works like a charm for the XP computers.


      Doesn't work so good with Windows 2000 computers.  First, it took a while to find the "Description" field in Windows 2000 (for those wondering, right click on "My Computer" then choose "Manage", then right click on "computer management" and select "properties.  Then go to the "Network Identification" tab).  I entered all the info I wanted in that field, re-booted the Windows 2000 computer and even re-scanned inventory for the computer and it still doesn't show up with the information in the description field like the Windows XP computers do.


      I checked the registry of both the XP and 2000 computers and the info I put in that field shows up in the same places in the registry of each computer and other then the string name using two capital letters in one (like LanmanServer vrs lanmanserver) the information is sitting in the same spot.


      Any ideas what could be going on or any thoughts on another field to use that we can put "machine and user" info in to be displayed beside the computer name?


      Can we do a custom field or something that we add to the registry of the Windows 2000 computers?


      Oh, we also have a few Mac's we will be trying to sort out the correct way to do this as well.


      Thank you so much, James.

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          Hey everyone ... turns out I was doing things right all along.  Things are now working it looks like.  We had a problem with the LANDesk C:\ drive being 100% full (ended up having to move the patch folder to another drive).  I think this was making the server not feel so good.  As soon as I got some space free, I noticed a couple of my 2000 boxes had a description in the right column.

          Gee I wonder if a full C:\ drive could explain some other things that haven't been going very smooth with the LANDesk project?  We'll see.


          Thanks to all who gave this any thought.