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    WinPE Menu not displayed, problems with onboard NIC, any advice most appreciated...


      The problem occurs when using a HP D230 workstation to access the WinPE menu.  The splash screeen appears after the Windows Pre Installation Environment has loaded, but then nothing happens, the menu isn't displayed and also the "Go" in the bottom left hand corner doesn't appear.


      This problem through trial and error has been resolved.


      The problem seems to be down to the onboard NIC, which is a Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller.


      The drivers for this NIC were injected into the ldvpe1.img file and the PXE representative was deployed.


      The workstation was then attempting to access the WinPE menu on about 20 occasions, of which on a couple of occasions the menu was successfully accessed and an image deployed, but on all other occasion the splash screen appears, but then nothing else happens.  At the same time other HP workstations (d31, dx2000, dx2200 & d5800) were successfully accessing the WinPE menu and deploying an image everytime.


      To resolve the problem an Intel Pro 10/100 Network Adapter was installed, and when using this NIC instead of the onboard NIC the workstation successfully accesses the WinPE menu and deploys an image everytime.


      Could I just ask if anyone knows why this should happen and how it can be resolved, so that I can use the onboard NIC???


      Thanks in advance.