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    LD-MS08-067 ???


      What is the purpose behind the newly published definitions of LD-MS08-067 & LD-MS08-067_VISTA_WIN2008? I see nothing different from the previously released Microsoft based definitions for MS08-067. There's no mention of these new LD definitions on the bulletin. Can we get clarification from LANDesk as to what, why, and how?


      Thank you

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          XLANDMark SupportEmployee

          Good Morning Brent,


          Good question, with the next version of Conficker on the horizon(April 1st) we wanted to assist our LANDesk customer base who are not Security Suite or Patch Manager customers. These two definitions are the same definitions that were released as MS08-067 and MS08-067_VISTA_WIN2008 back in October 2008. Here is a section from today's security review bulletin about this release:




          LANDesk Updates

          Definitions – The Conficker worm is poised for an update on 1 April 2009. Microsoft released MS08-067 to address this issue in October of 2008. Unfortunately, there are many who have still not applied the patch. As a courtesy to our LANDesk customer base we have provided MS08-067 as a free download in LANDesk Updates to address this potential issue. LANDesk customers of Security Suite and Patch Manager should already be up-to-date.




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            Makes sense, thank you.