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    Icon on desktop

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      I am trying to create a simple project which will do the following:

      1. create an icon on user's desktop
      2. get computer name
      3. start a program

      I already have part 2 and 3. I used the MsgBox command to display the computer name to the user and I used the Exceute command to run a program, but how do I place an Icon on users desktop which will, once the user double clicks on it, run parts 2 and 3?

      Any help is very appreciated.
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          CalumField1 Expert

          using netinstall create a cmd file on the clients using for example the ni command execute and echo call msgbox.exe... >> name.cmd ;call prog.exe >> name.cmd

          Create a shortcut to the cmd file (name.cmd).
          You could also use a tool such as bginfo and have the name of the computer and other information on the desktops.

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            Goose1 Rookie
            try this,

            make 2 Projekts

            put part 2 and part 3 in one projekt (Projekt1)

            create another projekt and place with the netinstall command "create icon" a icon on the deskop. In the commandline part of "create icon" run the projekt with part 2 and part 3 with the following command c:\program files
            iinst32.exe /execute: {GUID Projekt1} or you copy a batchfile with niiinst32.exe commandline on the desktop.