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    Use a uninstall package as a depency in a installation to do a reinstall.


      Hi all,


      I have a discussion with one of my customers who have build a package as descripted above.

      They have made a installation package of,for instance Adobe Reader, and also a uninstall package of Adobe Reader.

      When they want to repair the reader package they make a new package called repair and they make the uninstall a dependency of the install.

      Now they are complaning that this doesn work, because only the install is lauched and not the dependency.


      In my opinion this is correct, because the program is already installed. The uninstall will not be launched because for LANDesk this is the same package as the install package only with a uninstall option. But they claim that they had it working before.


      So, the question is, are they right or am I right?


      Next to that, what's the BKM of reinstalling packages. I always use the Scheduled Task for that (Main and Final package)


      please shoot