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    Management Point Database - NI 5.8

    jluedke@houwire.com Rookie
      I need to move the management point database to a new db server.
      I know how to move the database itself using SQL Server tools.
      How do I modify Netinstall's DB connection string to use the new location?

      When I look at the Management Point configuration in the NetInstall Manager, the Database Connection field is read-only.  Even when I unlock the config database, the connection field remains read-only.

      Jason Luedke
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          FrankScholer Master
          Hi Jason,

          the offical way is to uninstall the Management Point completely and reinstall it with the new settings. If the installation finds an already existing database all data ist preserved and everything will be fine.

          The unoffical but much faster way is to edit the configuration in the so-called "raw mode". In raw mode every setting can be modified (which means, you can completely mess up your configuration and because of this, the raw mode is only supported, if it is used by ente/FrontRange consultants, partners or by people who are NICE-certified .

          I would suggest either you uninstall and reinstall your MP (should be a matter of minutes) or you call enteo support or your implementation partner about how to use the raw mode.

          HTH, regards Frank