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    Scheduling Reminders


      One of our End Users has asked us to look at designing a process for them which includes and authorisation step.


      They want to know if it is possible to automaticlly resend an email to the person who is authorising the Change (or someone else) if the Change has not been authorised within a certain time period.


      I would guess that Reminders would be the way to go, but is it possible to insert a condition after a status which checks the last update time and if the status is still the same after 3 days for instance, another Reminder message is sent out?


      We are using 7.2.5





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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi lain,


          i think the best way to do this is escalations. Create a response level in the "Change Management" section. call it "To Authorize" for example. Build an escalation, start status is "to authorize", end status is "to authorize" Completion Type is "Leave Status". Set the Escalation Time as long as you like and define in the escalation what you need, email after three days to approver, for example. Should work in my opinion.


          Best regards


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            Hi Christian,


            Thanks for this. I understand where you're coming from and see how this could work.


            However, we want it to determine who to notify based on the Raise Users department.


            For example, if the Change is raised by someone in HR it would then need authorised by HR's Head of Department. If the HoD has not responded within x number of days then an alternate needs to be notified (again based on the Raise User's department).

            Similarly if the Change originates from someone in Finance, the chain of people to authorise would then have Finance as their department.


            Is there any way to achieve this automatically or can it only be done (if at all) with manual intervention to select who the mails go to?





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              This is still possible through escalations.  In the escalations window where you specify the emails to be sent, you can right click and select value type and focus on the raiseuser, then another attribute that will have a department distribution list.


              The Value types are only available on later versions.  What version are you on?

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                Hi Minesh,


                We are running 7.2.5. I've tried to do as you suggested (which would be a good solution) but right clicking does not seem to bring anything up other than copy/paste etc.


                I take it we'd need 7.2.6 to achieve this?


                We'll be moving to 7.3 within the next couple of months anyway, so I think we'll leave it till then.


                Thanks for your help.



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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi Iain,


                  Just to confirm yes the runtime values for escalation notifications only came in 7.2.6.

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                    I had a similar issue to this with my Change Process. I was having problems with supervisors not regularly approving tickets so I just created a action at that status that resends the add reminder right before the awaiting supervisor status.  Then created a query that sorted by dates of tickets created and I review this on a regular basis, if the tickets are older than say a week I can go and create a bulk action on the resend email action using this query.  This is a round about way of doing things.