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    Tracking Billable Hours


      Is there a way once an incident is resolved and marked billable, to track how many man-hours the technicians (the resolver group) took to resolve it? Is there a place where the technician could mark how much time he/she put into the task and then run a query/report by customer as well as by technician?

      Thank you

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          The most common way of implementing this idea is to include the attributes in the process design that collects the time you want to bill. This could be added to the notes field for example, or you could create a specific object to collect the time and a summary of the activity that time relates to. In one case that has been delivered as a category structure. To make this model even more complete, you can add an attribute to the analyst object that capture their charge rate if you wanted to have different rates for different people.


          Once you have that object and the charge rates in place, then a simple Crystal report can take the calls that are flagged as chargeable and extract the time and charge elements and do the calculations. At presenet this has to be done in Crystal as there are no calculation functions available within the product, but I have at on good authority that the next release (7.3) may well have the tools required to do this within the product. I'll certainly be looking to test that when I get a copy later this year.



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            Thank you, I will run it by the developer. Have a great day.

            Is there any documentation on SLA duration? I know an updated CD came out, but I don't know how to get my hands on it to learn it. Have a great day.



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              I'll see what I can track down for you. What specifically are you wanting to know?



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                Thank you --- Resolved Call SLA Calculation where one needs to calculate only the accrued time a ticket is worked on, as it goes from one resolver to another.  It would have to exclude "held time", holidays, etc. Since I am relatively new to your program even though I have been professionally involved in computers since 1981, I would appreciate any guidance.


                I know Karen P has been addressing this and this lady puts it very well.


                I have creation date and time and the closed date and time and also in the calendar the opening hours of the company.


                How will I count the exact working hours on the Incident?

                Therese Edman

                Itbm sweden



                The rest of the files in this query I use for Resolved call analysis,


                Resolved Calls by Week / Year

                Resolved Calls by Team in SLA and out of SLA

                Resolved calls by Individual



                The held time is also an interesting table to look at (if it works for your setup) as I can see how long the delays have taken, Who held the call, Who released the call etc.

                Graeme Bland


                I'm not super experienced with this kind of thing so if anyone has some tips please let me know.


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                  You are simply the best! Thanks for making me look like a hero!





                  Herb Erlbach