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    Silent Policy Supported Push




      I'm having a very dumb day and currently am stuck on the following issue, which is going to be very simple to resolve I'm sure!


      We're aiming to roll out the LD-MS08-067 security patch today just in case anything kicks off with the 'Kido' virus tomorrow. The push to machines works fine as always, but we've never used PSP before, and that's causing a pop-up on the users machines asking them what to do. I'm sure there's an option for silent somewhere, but I'm being blind and can't find it!


      I've set the autofix for it, and as mentioned, it works fine and doesn't prompt when just a push task.


      Can someone point me in the right direction? Should it be done through creating a Security Scan Task or another method?


      We're running 8.8, and the machines we're updating are all XP clients.