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    PXE - E78 Could not locate boot server

    jparekh Apprentice
      I have a Virtual PC 2007 (VPC) with the latest 6.1 build running on Windows 2003 server running DHCP, DNS, and enteo's MP.

      On my 2nd VPC, I am booting to PXE and it gets the IP address from the server, the MAC shows up in enteo Managed Users and Computers.. but after it shows PXE - E78 Could not locate boot server.

      OSD is configured to with DHCP Server is running on the OSD Proxy (Management Point Server)

      DHCP option 60 is set to PXEClient.

      I've setup 6.0 in production servers and working just fine but DHCP is always on another server.

      Any ideas?