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    NetInstall 5.85 client update via offline media

    agentNetInstall Rookie
      Hello dear support personell & community members!

      We try to update our mobile (assigned to an OfflineSite) clients from NetInstall 5.7 to NetInstall 5.85 and the automatic client update progress of the client itself always fails when no administrator rights are present. Refering to the (german) manual, we just need to execute the "niagnt32.exe" in the OfflineSite, but this seems to be far from the reality.

      This is what we do (ran from offline media, dvd in this case):
      iagnt32.exe /start:niinst32.exe /relocate /cd /ai /login /Bin /Install .\NetInst

      This is what we get (wrapped result taken from the appropriate log files):

      14:13:59 :  Version :
      14:13:59 :  Params:       /Install /S2 /Bin


      13:56:02 1  Using account: , Password: (NULL)
      13:56:02 E  Warning (Module:Main, Severity:0x03): CreateProcessWithLogonEasy failed: Failed to logon user.
      Falscher Parameter.

      14:14:00 E  Warning (Module:Main, Severity:0x02): Error starting stage 3
      Falscher Parameter.


      (As you already may have noticed our application language ist german, so do not hesitate to answer in german if you are in doubt - we could open a new thread in german then...)

      This sitation is a "no go", because we exclusively use the NetInstall Service for rights elevation and therefore do not want to implement any futher kind of rights elevation.

      Is anyone confident in solving this problem?

      Thanks in advance,
      Agent NetInstall