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    New Core Server 8.8


      Good Morning,


      Over the weekend I had to build a new core server and take the old on offline due to OS issues. I have already Installed 8.8 SP2a and almost everything is working fine but our OSD's are a causing us some issues. Apparently the sysprep portion of the scripts didn't repopulate. For example Image Settings doesnt have the Volume License Key, Local Admin, Name Organization. Network Credentials is back on Workgroup and once we run our image even though I did repopulate those in one of our images its still not doing everything we had set up to do after image deployment. It tries to log in as our local pc account instead of our domain account and vulscan doesn't run and it also doesn't add our Domain Groups from AD.

      Is there a file I can pull off the old server to make our imaging work as it once did? Or will we have to go back and redo all of our PE images?




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          ahe Expert

          Hello Rick,


          did you use your old PE image? If yes, add the new certificate of your new core in your Image file "...\CBA8\cbaroot\certs" and check the core server entry in the all.reg file in "..I386\SYSTEM32".


          You can open the image file with winimage (http://www.winimage.com/)


          If you haven't made changes of your PE image before, you can redeploy your PXE server from your new core...  or copy the original image file from

          "<coreserver name>\ldmain\landesk\vboot\ldvpe1.IMG" as peboot.img to your PXE server directory "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\PXE\System\images\"




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            Hey Axel thanks I appreciate your response.


            All I did was copy the INI and INF files over from the old server. I did the certs and the ldvpe1.img as well and none of that seemed to work.

            We had to do some imaging yesterday so I went in and manually input our info along with the missing commands in the advanced edit for post sysprep because we run several batch files and vulscan right after our image finishes so we automated that with LANDesk.

            Currently everything is working but of course I had to manually input the info. I will make sure I keep your suggestion in our documentation in case something like this ever happens again we can refer back to it.