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    Delayed software deployment

    Spartan Apprentice

      Good Day,


      Something tells me this is rather simple but I'm in a rush and can't quite wrap my head around this.

      (I get the feeling I'm going to kick myself when somebody answers this with a one liner).


      To make a long story short we need to change our Wireless key (Unable to make a smooth transition like setting up a 2nd SSID or anything).

      I modified an Autoit script to make the changes which seems to be working well.


      Just need to figure out deployment. I would like to deploy the package over the span for a couple days to make sure everybody get's it.

      Then have the package trigger at say 5PM (When most of the Students and Staff have left) then we would change the key on the AP's.

      The hope is that if they using their laptops the script would run and they would be ready for the next day (Or if they are onsite they might be down for 15 mins while we change keys). Those that have their machines turned off would automatically launch the cached script when they turn their machine the next day or at least when they login.


      In short:

      - I need my package to deploy itself and sit on the machine and run a certain time or when the machine is next turned on.


      I'm guessing I could to accomplish this by writing a batch file that calls for LocalSch.exe

      Which I guess eliminates the need to worry about the caching of the file prior to the change.


      Which leaves me with the simple question of:

      If my machine is off when my task is set to run by the local scheduler will it run the next time the machine is turned on?


      Despite having possibly answered most of my question I'll leave it up here incase somebody has a better solution.


      Thanks guys.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Looks like the best way to me is indeed to go for Local Scheduler. Most times when you can't rely on being able to have the clients be reachabel to do something, local scheduler often ends up being the best way ahead.


          Depending on how big the package is, you may want to pre-cache it up-front on your devices, but that's about it. For the particular use-case you have, certainly seems like local scheduler is a good way to go.


          If you want to be particularly fancy, you can even try to incorporate some logic into things.



          - Run the job from the Core (with WOL) at 5 pm

          - Run a local scheduler task at 6 pm, which launches a script to check whether the new package is installed. If not, the local scheduler will install it. If yes, it will do nothing.


          Something like that, depends on how sophisticated you want things to be and how much status feedback you want/need.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Spartan Apprentice

            Thanks for the Info Paul,


            WOL is not an option as all of the effected machines are laptops on wireless and most of them wont be onsite when we make the change.


            How does one normally go about sending out a package w/o launching it (pre-cache)?


            Do you happen to know off hand what the schedulers behavior is if it missed it's mark due to a machine being in Stand-by or Powered down?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Well - there's two ways.


              1 - You configure a "Target Multicast (Cache only)" delivery method.

              2 - You configure a delivery method as you want (even a policy), with a "dummy batch file" (which doesn't do anything, other than acting as a primary package), and hook the files you ACTUALLY want as "additional files" to that package .


              Re: - Local scheduler - it depends on how its configured. If it's configured to run in a certain time frame (i.e. - between 20:00 and 22:00) it won't try to run the task. If it's just set to run daily, it will try to run the task as soon as it can, pretty much.


              Hope this helps.


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                Spartan Apprentice

                Roger that,


                Thanks for the help.