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    Problems updating OSD 3.20->3.25

    dennis.bakker@pecoma.nl Rookie
      I upgraded Enteo Netinstall to 5.85 and OSD to 3.25 in our lab environment succesfully, but in our EXP environment I can not seem to update OSD.

      First I tried to update the database, but the setup stops with the message "There was no Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher detected on the local machine.". The difference with our lab environment is that in our EXP environment we have an SQL cluster (2000 SP4) and we use instances. How can I update the database?

      Then I tried to update the OSD server, but when I have entered the SQL Server Name the entry is changed in the next screen to "(local)". How can I update the OSD server?

      I asked support but they don't answer.