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    PXE boot error

    Saillart Rookie

      I'm trying to setup a brand new Enteo environment. With some help from the Enteo support team I managed to create my first OS deployment.
      I upgraded Enteo with the new patch (2664) and everything went smooth for the exeption of the BLS. I was not able to update it. I reinstalled everything, aplied this path on the fresh installation, and it worked.
      I'm trying to setup my OS deployment again, but I think I'm doing something wrong.
      When I boot the new PC for installation I got this error:
      ComponentInstancePolicyInstance POLICYINSTANCE.107 fails.
      On the PC this error appears:

      local boot due to an error

      This may be caused either by:
      an initialization error or
      a policy execution error (installation)

      (for furure information, refer to the eMMC)

      Also when I try to release a package (or driver) and I look in the repository status I receive for all 3 stages (depot, site and region):
      Package doesn't exist

      Thanks in advance,