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    Object "IsPrivilegeable?" Property


      My users asked for a drop down list of user categories, such as "Applicant", "Student", "Faculty", "Staff" that could be used in the Incident window to alert Helpdesk staff what type of user that was raising incidents.   We get some information in a e-dir import that runs nightly, but it does not give as many options, and it may not be current, so the users wanted a user classification field that would be valid only for the life of the incident.    I created an Object under Incident Management and Called it IncidentUserType.   Then I populated it with the relevant values.


      This works fine on the Console.  However now I am creating an Incident window for the web portal that is suitable for only web portal users, so it is a much simpler Incident window that what we have for analysts.   However there still is a need to put this new field in it.   However when I run that as a portal user on the Web Portal, it displays "No data available" in the drop down.    I ran a trace while trying this and found this error message:


      Authorisation failure. User is not authorised to perform Read operations on the IncidentManagement._IncidentUserType class type.


      I tried finding this privilege in the Role but I could not find it.    I noticed that the attributes of the Object have a property called "IsPrivilegeable?"    They are set to "False".    If this is changed to True, will that enable a privilege that I can adjust accordingly?   Or is the privilege located somewhere else?



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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Marian,


          I would try to set this attribute to TRUE in the "Is Privilegeable" option in Object Designer.

          You will then get a window up asking to add read and modify privileges. Add both of these, save, do an IISReset and then try the drop down list again in Portal.


          If you after you have done this want to update this privileges you should find this under Incident Management - Process Related Objects - Incident - Attributes.


          Hope this helps..


          Kind regards,