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    User CAL usage


      How can I know the user CAL usage? (eg. SQL CAL, Windows server CAL, sharepoint CAL)

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I don't think you'll EVER be able to figure that one out via LANdesk (or another tool, for that matter).


          In part, this is because the whole CAL stuff changes on a rather frequent basis.


          Used to be a time a few years ago that - depending on how you argue it - LANDesk would be either using 5 CAL's (the # of services that actually talked to the DB from the Core) or "your number of clients" (since they talk to the Core, which in turn talks to the DB). And that's just one of the examples I could give as an anecdote on that subject.


          Since there's a horrible mess in that regard already with "just LANDesk", I'm not sure how you'd capture this for other apps ... maybe someone else here may have a good idea, but my personal experience in this regard is that it's just one big mess (which changes with regrettable frequency).


          Sorry .


          Paul Hoffmann

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            Can anyone advise if this situation is still the case or, as LANDesk like to hint at, has there been any improvement?

            As the Microsoft Server / CAL licensing model is becoming more prevalent it also is a major issue with regard to being able to demonstrate compliance.

            LDMS allows connectivity to Active Directory where we manage access to a number of applications by username.  One such security group is for Team Foundation Server contributors, all of whom need a TFS user CAL (excl. MSDN etc.).  At £300 a pop, it would be extravagant to purchase one for everyone in the company (we do for Exchange, Windows Server, SQL and Sharepoint).

            I have tried to create a query to list the entries in the TFS Contributors security group, in order to create a custom product to set against the TFS CAL license inventory only to find each user will be listed separately for each workstation they work on.  They only need a single user CAL for all workstations they use to access TFS?

            Is there a simple process to generate a query the will simply list the TFS contributors once only?

            Any advice would be more than welcome.


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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Take a look at the LANDESK Data Analytics Module. The Software Licensing functionality in there allows you to handle group assignments for detected software so that it can take into account user based access as well as installation based.


              It is an additional cost module but it could do what you need.


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