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    7. If you don't use a BLP the history can be disabled completely

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      ATTENTION: Use this information only if you DON'T USE A BLP (Business Logic Proxy) in your environment!

      ACHTUNG: Diese Informationen nur anwenden, wenn kein BLP (Business Logic Proxy) in Ihrer Umgebung eingesetzt wird!

      It is possible to disable the whole history functionality in Enteo v6 to increase performance of the Enteo environment. The history functionality is needed for BLP - BLS (Business Logic Server) communication and CANNOT be disabled if BLPs are used!

      Follow the next instructions to disable history functionality and to delete history entries in the SQL database:

      NOTE: The next instruction steps must be executed again after every Enteo patch update!

      1. Stop the IIS service on the BLS (iisreset.exe /stop) and stop the replication service (using services.msc)
      2. Create a backup of ALL web.config files below the INETPUB\Mgntpoint directory (\Inetpub\Mgntpoint) as well as a backup of the mgmtagnt.exe.config (available since Patch 5) below %PROGRAMFILESDIR%\NetInst
      3. Create a fullback of the EMDB (CMDB) SQL database
      4. In every web.config file (below the Inetpub\Mgntpoint directory) as well as the mgmtagnt.exe.config below %PROGRAMFILESDIR%\NetInst add the following entry:


      This entry must be placed between the tags: [HTML][/HTML] Mostly, these tags exist already (usually as): [HTML][/HTML]







      5. Now old values in the history table of the EMDB database can be deleted by using following command (don’t delete the history table itself and DON'T USE the truncate command anymore!!):

      [HTML]delete from cmsy_history[/HTML]

      6. Finally start the IIS (iisreset.exe /start) as well as the replication service (using services.msc) again to activate the new settings.

      HINT: How to - Shrink a Database. For example: [URL="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189035%28SQL.90%29.aspx"]http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189035%28SQL.90%29.aspx

      Keywords: Performance, History; table; Tabelle; database; Datenbank; Datenbank riesig. Datenbank voll. Datenbank groß, increase; wächst;