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    Querying for individual files




      I need to query for machines which DO NOT have the patch KB958644 installed.. I know security suite/patch manager should be telling me this but it's not working at the moment so need an alternate method. I've tried various options inlcuding using 'Not Exists' but this doesn't allow a scanned value to be used. We're on LDMS 8.6.1.... any pointers would be appreciated...





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          zman Master
          1. Start tracking Netapi32.dll via SLM and use the information here to see if it is installed. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958644 You would check the version of the file.
          2. Use the entry in Add and Remove Programs (Application Suites) to see if it is installed.


          Number 1 is the best way since the new dll installed is the valid way to do this, the App Suites shows that it was installed, however, the machine may be in a pending state (new dll not written unitl a reboot). Easiest way is to get patch working.