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    Antivirus not completely installing

    LANDave SupportEmployee

      Note: The following applies only to 8.8 SP2


      We have had numerous reports of Antivirus not completely installing on client systems.


      After investigation, numerous causes have been found to contribute to this issue.



      Self Contained Agent Installation (This also includes Advance Agent) issues


      1. If the Self-contained .exe or Advance Agent .exe's are created prior to having ever downloaded antivirus pattern files, the files Antivirus.cab and Bases.cab are not included in the self contained executable.


      Resolution: Make sure to download antivirus pattern files prior to building the agent configuration.


      2. Problem with the ClientPackager (part of the internal process that builds the Advance Agent).


      We discovered an issue where the ClientPackager was failing to properly bundle Antivirus with the agent build.


      Resolution: Download patch CLN-18511 for LDMS 8.8 SP2


      3. CBACleanup.exe not cleaning up because MSVCR80.DLL is not found.  (Symptom can be the process templdtemp hanging during installation)


      Resolution: Download patch CLN-2348588 for LDMS 8.8 SP2



      The following issues can apply to any method for Agent Installation


      4. After the client files are copied down as part of the Agent Installation, Vulscan /installav runs to register .DLL’s, download the latest updates, and finish install LANDesk Antivirus.   If there is information in the PendingFileRename registry key at this point, this step will fail.   By default vulscan will fail any tasks if the computer has a reboot pending.  This will result in an incomplete Antivirus installation.   The files will be in the Antivirus directory, however the taskbar tray icon won’t show up, and you will get errors when attempting to start the real-time protection.




           a. Reboot the computer and push an Install/Update LANDesk Antivirus task.   However, often there is information in the PendingFileRename registry key that is never cleaned out after reboot, because an errant program failed to clean it out after the computer rebooted initially.

      In this case:


      - or -


          b. What we usually recommend for Security and Patch Manager customers to do is to go into the Repair tab in the Scan and Repair settings and check the box “Start repair even if a reboot is pending”.   This will need to be done in the Scan and Repair Settings that are set as the default for the client.


      - or -

          c. The latest build of the LANDesk Antivirus Engine resolves several installation issues.   With this patch, no changes to the Scan and Repair settings are necessary.