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    Agent appearing in new images?


      After creating a OSD image, when the image is deployed, the LANDesk agent appears to be installed. Uninstallwinclient.exe was run, the machine was sysprepped and a new image created and the agent appeared again. Where is this scripted during OSD image creation?

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          A few things:


          - If you are building your sysprep.inf files from the LANDesk OS Deployment wizard, LANDesk will add lines to the GUIRUNONCE section of sysprep to run WSCFG32.exe after sysprep runs mini setup.  This means that you won't see the agent install in the OSD script.  Have a look at the actual OSD script and see where it's copying the sysprep.inf file from: Typically when built using the wizard it gives the inf file the same name as the job, and renames it when it copies it down from the core (located on \\servername\ldmain\landesk\files). So, in other words, if you were to use the OS Deployment wizard and create a job called "my xp image deployment", if you selected that the image was sysprepped and put in options, it would create an inf called my xp image deployment.inf in the directory just mentioned.  I would have lines in it something like this:


          Command0="c:\ldsleep.exe 30"
          Command1="net use \\<servername>\ldlogon <password>/u:<username>"
          Command2="cmd /q /c \\<servername>\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /F /NOUI /REBOOT /DONTSTARTSVCS"
          Command3="net use \\<servername>\ldlogon /d /y"
          Command4="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldsleep.exe"
          Command5="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldiscan.cfg"


          And that is why your agent is installed after sysprep.  If you delete these lines from the sysprep.inf (and change the autologin to NO) you should be good.  If you're using provisioning, there are a few other reasons you could be seeing the agent, but that's a separate discussion.