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    Software distribution over firewall protected VPN




      I am running tests to see if I can deploy LANDesk Agents to unmanaged devices over a VPN connection. The VPN concentrator is shielded by a firewall. Most common ports are blocked.


      I asked our security and netwrork administrators to unblock ports for LANDesk Remote Control (TCP ports 9535 and 9595) and Software Distribution (TCP ports 9593 and 9594), as stated in the "Ports userd by LANDesk Management Suite" document (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1591).


      Now, when I want to distribute an agent to an unmanaged device, the device is discovered, but distribution fails. The log states:


      [Operation failed] RemoteExecute, cmd /c mkdir C:\$ldcfg$
      CBA 8 X509 operation : -2147481845 (8000070b8u) : Unable to contact the remote agent.
      NT File Sharing : 1222 (4c68u) : The network is not present or not started.
      Remote execute using TCP failed, result 0x0000057a (1402)
      On unmanaged systems this operation will attempt to access the ADMIN$ file share and remotely start a service


      I think this is an issue with traffic not getting through the firewall, but I'm no expert.


      Doe anyone know what is going wrong and if so, what I need to do to get this to work?


      We are running LANDesk Management Suite and Security Suite 8.8 SP2a.


      Thanks in advance.